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At this high-end price point, you expect the audio quality you’ve always dreamed of, and the Audio Technica at5040 doesn’t let you down. Whether you’re recording in a professional or home studio, the Audio Technica AT5040 has you covered. Large-diaphragm condenser mics typically produce less self-noise, which is a big plus for conserving the high-quality of your audio. Condenser microphones, also known as ‘capacitor mics,’ are a type of microphone that converts sound waves into audio signals through capacitance. I’ve had experience with both open-back and closed-back designs and, essentially, if you desire noise isolation you’ll want the closed-back H6PRO headset.

  • Here you will see every Bluetooth device you have ever connected to.
  • Go to Speakers and make sure that your headset/speaker is selected as the Audio source.
  • Note, that some headsets that have a built-in microphone might conflict with the external microphone when using a splitter.

Go to the Input tab, select your Blue USB microphone from the list and verify that the input volume level is all the way up. Right-click on your microphone and select “Properties,” then go to the Levels tab and verify that the volume slider is all the way up and the “Mute” option is not checked. Your computer or mobile device connects to a remote network of high-powered servers designed to run games at ultra-high quality settings. Windows 10 gives you the option to block some apps from accessing personal or sensitive data like your microphone or camera. In Zoom, you can change audio settings by clicking the Gear or Settings icon on the right side of the app’s window. You could also check the headset physically and make sure it’s clean, and no particles are clogging the microphone.


Want to record and stream your Zoom conference on YouTube and Facebook using OBS? Well, you are going to need the audio from your Zoom guests into OBS to do that properly. When a multitrack recording is exported, it will appear in a folder in your chosen save location. This will contain separate files for each of the tracks you recorded, including the microphones channels and virtual channels, plus a complete stereo mix of your podcast. When setting up your audio situation, you should be thinking about it similarly to how you’d feel about recording a podcast. Make sure your mic isn’t right in front of your mouth, or get a pop filter.

Our biggest advice would be, no matter HOW good your PC looks on your desk, to place it on a different surface away from your microphone. Another popular audio source that people like to have in their streams is some background music. This will ensure it doesn’t overpower your vocals or the game audio. By now, you should be able to use OBS to talk to other users through your mic. By simply adjusting the sound settings on your computer and inside the app, you should be able to talk through the mic without facing any problems.

It can be nice to have a second monitor for reading chat, but that’s a bonus (and even less necessary if you’re not streaming games). It’s the cool thing to do in online content these days, and getting started isn’t very hard. The Attack is how long, in milliseconds, the gate kicks in once the db is met. Hold is how long the mic stays turned on once the noise falls below the dbs set. And Release is how long it takes to mute the mic, once the Hold is finished. These standard settings given when adding the filter are usually good as is , so only mess with these very slightly if you are trying to improve it anymore.

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Leave the meeting and reboot Zoom or your computer. If all else fails, a quick reboot may solve the problem. Let your participants know that you’re leaving the meeting and restart Zoom. To preserve your internet bandwidth for audio, disable video by clicking the video icon at the bottom of the Zoom window. Is our favorite USB audio interface because it offers the best combination of features, portability, and ease of use. Melanie Pinola previously covered all things home office as a senior staff writer at Wirecutter.

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Check out Mike DelGaudio’s YouTube channel, which covers voice overs, home studio recording, and equipment. Many interfaces include various inputs such as XLR and instrument input jacks as well as outputs, such as headphones and speakers. All interfaces that have an XLR input have a phantom power switch and a built-in preamp . Also, most interfaces let you monitor the sound you record directly. Audio interfaces are external equipment that connects to computers via USB or other ports (USB-C, FireWire).

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